September 1, 2016


"Understanding who I am and being fully aware of myself has brought tremendous Joy, clarity and success into my life. The Self esteem, self-confidence and vibrant health have helped me live my life to a 100% and enjoy an Oasis of Calm and Inner Peace.  

Today I am living my purpose, I have accomplished many goals and I am sharing the wisdom and knowledge of great masters, everything that i continue researching and learning to inspire and empower others so that they can also choose t olive a life free of suffering and achieve the success that they deserve.

We may experience disease, loss of a dear one, conflictive relationships, and so much more, but we are not meant to suffer. We are not our conditions and experiences. Suffering is, at the root cause, just a choice that we decide to choose or not. Limitations do not exist, and that´s the reason why today I am living my life to a 100%

#Best-selling author by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors 2015 USA
# EXPY Award by the National Academy of Experts, Speakers and Writers 2015 USA
#Co-author “The Soul of Success” with Jack Canfield  
#America's PremierExpert 2015

#Founder Surya Awareness Academy®  
#Founder of the movement Transformando Vidas®

Kanta Motwani, is an entrepreneur, International Leader for Personal Development, Therapist awarded with an EXPY prize by the National Academy of Experts, Speakers and Writers in the United States. International Best Selling author of The Soul of Success along with Jack Canfield, creator of The chicken soup for the soul book series. Also author of the publication "Ten powerful steps to overcoming negative experiences", and of her forthcoming new release "A Journey to self-discovery".

Born in 1969, in Spain, to a traditional Indian family, Kanta has combined Science and her Spiritual wealth exceptionally, empowering human beings from all walks of life to take the next step to their personal and professional development.

She found her true vocations after overcoming her own limiting beliefs and health issues that prevented her from living a healthy life.

In 1990 Kanta, initiates studies in the Universities of Christ Church and Thames Valley in the United Kingdom, simultaneously she dedicated part of her time to collaborate selflessly in an international organization for humanitarian aid.

Her return to Spain was accompanied by great successes as a professional trainer and business entrepreneur in the public and private sectors.  

However she had to leave behind her career as a Computer Based Trainer and IT Instructor as well as her business during difficult and negative circumstances. She overcame these barriers and started to study energy medicine, energy psychology and Personal Development and Leadership programs.

Kanta´s life circumstances created an ardent desire to help people by sharing her own experiences so that they too can accomplish their goals and start to live their life fully in Joy and Consciously aware.

Kanta is passionate about the many opportunities which she has been offered through the art of healing, meditation and personal growth and is committed about sharing her wisdom to support others.

Kanta Motwani, co-author of “The Soul of Success” with Jack Canfield
Developer of the Sadguna heart Sadhana®

Kanta inspires her audience in a masterful way, to cultivate high self-esteem and to carry out a healthy lifestyle that leads to greater clarity, purpose and self-realization, and which allows them to find a complete expression of their true essence to develop a nature of leadership and to achieve goals and aspirations that are meaningful to them.

Kanta is the founder of the Transformando Vidas® program in Spain,  In her programs she gives herself fully to her audience audience, where they start experiencing deep inner shifts and transformational changes. She has a great sense of humor, and is an enthusiast and motivator, therefore her workshops are easy to integrate. As declared by some of her participants:

Kanta, is an incredible communicator, an enthusiast, motivator, sophisticated and simultaneously direct, like a surgeon of the soul, who is precise and efficient, because she knows where the pain is and knows what needs to be done to transmute it. It has been a real privilege to have her so near, and to be able to learn and access her knowledge which comes from the greatest teachers, and also from the wisdom of her own Soul, of her hardships, and that i can feel, in certain way, that she has lived to understand the deepest wounds that an individual can experience and that today she i sable to support with her precious and valuable knowledge. Thank you Kanta.  Beatriz  Martinez Tomey  (San Sebastian - Spain)

Kanta has been trained in Europe and the United States with leading professionals in the field of Alternative Medicine, Energy Psychology, Coaching, Leadership and Personal Development.

Kanta actively participates in conferences on the latest advances for human development and is a member of the Asociation for Comprehensive Energy Psychology ACEP, and a Council member for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative in the Estados Unidos.  She is a member of The Professional Association for Natural Therapies in Spain num. 5728, Founder of Surya Awareness Academy® and creator of the Transformando Vidas® program for self-improvement and high performance.

Kanta is also a certified counsellor of Biofeedback by the Auramed Institute in Germany, Dorn & Breuss massage Therapist by the DMTA and AHHAI International Institute, for Holistic Studies in the UK, Facilitator of Quantum Entrainment®,  Practitioner of the Energy Psychology Technique BSFF® Canfield Methodology Trainer®

Kanta has appeared in International Radio and Televisión Channels, such as Bravo, A&E, E, RTVE1

Kanta participated in the Forum for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, as a thought leader in June 2016 where she declared:

Most of the wars and conflicts we face today are due to the inner wars going inside each individual. It is when we change the self-image we hold about ourselves that we can impact on the teams that we work with, our goverments and our society. We can bring powerful change to the world as we become more powerful when we start creating rather than competing”.

Her goal is to challenge blind faiths; stereotypes, values and limiting belief systems of our society, by inspiring and empowering people to responsibly use their full potential to raise their self-esteem, eliminating limiting paradigms and to achieve the success they deserve in a context of Peace Happiness and Joy.

FREE Download Chapter "Owning your Power"  Best Seller The Soul of Success Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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