September 2, 2015

Holistic Quantum Therapies


“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force…
We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind.
This Mind is the matrix of all matter.

 Max Planck, 1944

Quantum Holistic Therapies are a set of alternatives to traditional medicine that can help us to improve at physical, mental and spiritual levels. They are an opportunity for self-knowledge and to open your mind to other fields of study that allow us to evolve by combining science and spirituality and at the same time help us to raise our levels of consciousness and our energy frequency to observe from different points of view everything around us, the causes and effects of all our actions and thoughts.

We are entering a new era, where we are responsible for the change, and it only requires the desire to give and share with little effort, to live a reality in a Universe full of harmony among human beings.

According to Ayurvedic medicine (medicine of prehistoric Indian origin), matter is composed by matter and energy is the essential substance of the Universe. Everything that exists – men, animals, plants and objects – is made up of subatomic particles that are fluctuations of energy in a vast Universe of energy and information. Scientific research that have been ongoing for over 30 years now, from the 70’s, have shown that each of these markers can be reversed up to 15 years. As in the Universe, everything is recyclable, it is in humans: molecules and cells of the body, emotions and thoughts. The change of one of the biomarkers of aging brings change to all the rest of them, but when they all change at the same time … the change is exponential!

There are various techniques for modifying the biological markers. For this, we must act at the level of the physical body (energy or matter, or prana or Chi in other traditions); the subtle body (mind, intellect, ego, ideas, emotions, concepts, personality, self-image) and the causal body (generates causes and creates other bodies, here comes the soul and spirit). Thus, from the physical to the causal body, we go from time to eternity, on a journey through the Universal cosmic roads.

According to the teachings of the Chinese and Indian teachers, one of the best ways to stay young and vital is the regular practice of meditation, which allows hormone levels remain high and not fall. Meditation and Sadhana allows you to connect with the primary source of energy in the Universe and make something as important as returning to the memory of Love, which is inherent in our humanity.

An example of that state comes from the Sage Shri Nissargadatta Maharaj spiritual Master from the Nav-nath Hindu lineage in the book “Before Consciousness” May 14, 1980

Maharaj: Doctors have diagnosed that this body has cancer. Would someone else be as happy as I am, with such a serious diagnosis?

The world is your direct experience, your own observation. Whatever is happening is happening at this level, but I’m not at this level. I have dissociated from Sattva Guna, beingness. Last state in spirituality is that state where you do not feel need in no time, where nothing is useful for anything. That state is called Nirvana, Nirguna, that which is eternal and ultimate truth. The essence and the sum total of all this talk is called Satguru-Parabrahman, that state in which there are no requirements.

After the dissolution of the universe, when it was no longer visible any trace of creation, what remained is my perfect state. Throughout the creation and dissolution of the universe, I remain forever untouched. I have not exposed this part: my state never felt the creation and dissolution of the universe. I am the beginning that survives all the creations, all the solutions. This is my state, and yours too, but you do not realize because you are embracing your beingness. Realize this is only possible when you have the support of the invincible faith, that eternal Satguru-Parabrahman. This state, this Parabrahman principle, is eternal and is also the Satguru. It is the eternal property of any devotee of a guru.

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