Consuelo Ibañez – Nurse (Madrid)

I have hired Kanta Motwani for therapy sessions and mentorship.  All i can say is the emotional stress I was going through, has decreased and it is so rewarding, to the point of feeling fully reconciled. Today I feel a sense of openness and acceptance on regarding the relationship with my daughter which was very distant prior to having theray, now there is a change in attitude, so close to the benevolence and softness as we now share a relationship of love and friendship. I have also resolved physical pain issues with my hip so that i can now stay active and interact in the normal activities of life.

When Kanta talks you can experience her full presence, her dedication, interest, attention, which is selfless. She is there to support you and to help you find an optimum solution by looking at the possibilities around. Thank you for your generosity, warmth and for sharing your wisdom. Thanks for reminding us of the best of ourselves and to contribute to making the world a better place. You bear in your genetics the authenticity and wisdom of your ancestors. You are so qualified to teach and convey something that is needed. With all my affection and admiration. A big hug. God bless you.

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FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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