Love helps you Overcome Fear


What do you fear? If you stop to truly think about this question you will likely discover that you are riddled with fears and worries in every aspect of your life. I’m not talking about fear of the bogeyman or monsters, (though I am not discounting those fears either). I’m referring to the kind of fears that keep you from moving toward your life’s dreams and goals. I’m talking about the insidious fears you thought you’d already conquered that seem to leap up when you begin to pursue something new and just cut you down even though you were wildly excited. […]

Improve your Self-esteem and Self-awareness for Success


“Self-esteem and Self-awareness are the Key ingredients for the recipe to your Success”

We are responsible for our individual lives.  We all have been granted “free will”.  What we do with our lives is entirely up to us, we have the choice to live in fear and misery or choose to live from a place of love, excitement, and live our lives as an adventure.  


How to Believe in yourself no matter what!


Every experience you have in your life is a great opportunity for you to become more Self-aware. You have the potential to do and become anything you want in your life, and no matter what it takes, believe that You can do it!. […]

What comes first Happiness or Success? – Gratitude fuels Success…


I too used to live in that confusion that Success led to happiness. I used to think that “when I become…. when I am recognised, when I reach my goal… that would make me happy.


“I can´t” or “I don´t want” … are simply a choice


Our words are very valuable and our subconscious mind interprets them in a way that may prove to be an impediment to our progress.

We can raise awareness about expressions we use and correct patterns that limit us .

FREE Download Chapter "Owning your Power"  Best Seller The Soul of Success Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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