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September 1, 2016


Therapy Sessions and Mentoring with Kanta Motwani

Alternative Therapies are based on working on the emotions, as we master our emotions, we can release any hurts, and any suffering from our past, which will bring us back to the present moment, for us to fully experience our true essence.  Mentoring and coaching are based on our present and on the future that we want to create. A future that is different  than the future that we are expecting to happen by default.  Mentoring and Coaching can definetly transform Lives.

Every time that a life is transformed the world changes.



Emotional and Physical Therapy Sessions

"In order to attain freedom from the emotions, and stories that you tell yourself, those that are really causing you to suffer; it is necessary for you to know who you truly are, and how your mind functions." This can free you of the stress, the anxiety and depression. "Accepting the circumstances and fully accepting yourself as who you are will help you to live more relaxed, and to experience a deep release and transformation in your life".

Therapy sessions with Kanta are based on her extensive knowledge and research, on different techniques and the spiritual understanding about our origins and about the human mind and behaviour. Kanta carries out sessions on-site and remotely at an international level where each session is a unique experience for each individual client according to the dysfunctional pattern that needs to be treated.

During her sessions she focuses on what she considers the root cause for every malady, the emotions, and beliefs the client is dealing with. This can include physical problems as well as stress related such as anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, past childhood trauma, difficult upbringings, financial related limiting beliefs, or abundance issues or simply having a feeling of living your life by default, expecting there cannot be more to life than what they are experiencing.

All the therapies, with the exception of Dorn® and Biofeedback®,  are conducted comfortably seated or laid down remotely over the telephone, skype or simply connecting via email by agreeing on a specific day and hour depending on the time zone.

It doesn´t matter whether the problem you are dealing with has or not an emotional root cause, Kanta will help you touch base with who you are, , until you can reach a state of profound safety and relaxation to understand the root cause of the problem you are to deal with, and heal.

The key to a healthy life, is based on raising the level of awareness.

Kanta uses various modalities and resources adapting to the clients needs, and helps them understand that the key element to transforming their lives, is based on raising their awareness. 

Mentoring - Training

Kanta inspires and empowers people in a masterful way to manage their own learning in order for them to maximize their potential, develop their skills , improve their performance to become the person they want to be.  Mentorship is a powerful tool for development and personal empowerment. As a Mentor, Coach and Trainer Kanta uses an effective plan to help people thrive, both on a personal and professional level. This is a relationship between Mentor and apprentice, based on the authenticity and on mutual trust and respect. Kanta helps you and guides you towards finding the right direction, to believe in yourself and increase your level of confidence. Mentorship with Kanta will transform your life, helping you to be more aware of yourself, eliminating the stories and assuming responsibility for your life. You are going to lead your life without fear to take the direction you decide, instead of this happening at random.

Personally I believe so much in mentorship and coaching, that I still have the mentor-coach I had, since I started my career as a trainer. I love to have someone who believes in me, to make me feel responsible toward a bigger vision. I love having a person that does not believe in the negative stories or fears that i sometimes may slip into. But not everyone is willing to face this reality and leave their comfort zone.

I invite you to design a future together, a different future than the one that comes by default. Remember that "Each time you transform your life, the world changes".


FREE Download Chapter "Owning your Power"  Best Seller The Soul of Success Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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