September 2, 2015

What are Holistic Therapies?


Holistic Therapies: are complementary methods that consider treating a person as a whole.
They are the path to transformation, 
awakening of your Consciousness and Personal Development.

The vast majority of the time people seek alternative therapies to find a solution or remedy to that of which they still have complaints when they have tried everything, or being negligent in caring for their own health by not accessing the relevant specialists when they experience some discomfort.

Holistic therapies are those where the therapist and the person work together. It is a holistic way of dealing with people considering a body, mind and spirit, a Unit rather than treating the disease. We deal with the cause and not the effect.

Throughout my experience, I have found that even when 10 or 20 people come up with the same symptom or disease, each has a different cause that has generated the distortion from the emotional, mental, energetic level until it reaches to manifest in the physical as a symptom. In general, disharmony in the field of energy occurs long before the manifestation in the organs become visible. This is the reason that  “patients” complain of discomfort even though the parameters of clinical analysis and laboratory tests are quite normal.

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FREE Download Chapter 

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Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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