September 2, 2015

Surya Awareness Academy®


SAA® was founded with the aim  to helping people in their journey to self-discovery, and to support them in the process of self-acceptacnce and transformation, so that they can find their life purpose and achieve their goals  accessing their full human potential in a natural way.

At Surya Awareness Academy® we help individuals through comprehensive holistic methods and personal development programmes, where we consider other physical-mental, and social patterns and not only symptoms that are characterised in disease patterns.

We have developed specific programmes that combine Science and Spirituality;  these programmes have their foundation in science proven theories which were used by Sages and Spiritual Masters of the Nav-Nath lineage in ancient India, along with methods based in Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine and Personal Development.

Sadguna Heart Sadhana® is a ninety days programme that has been developed by Kanta Motwani, inspired by scientific and spiritual knowledge from great Masters and scientists which helps raise the level of awareness to build up Self-confidence and Self-esteem.

Sadguna Heart Sadhana® helps to release false negative patterns and beliefs that prevent individuals from living their full human potential. Through regular practice of this Sadhana one can overcome addictions, and develop their intuitive ability. 

FREE Download Chapter "Owning your Power"  Best Seller The Soul of Success Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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