September 2, 2015

What is Energy Medicine?

“Energy Medicine is the Science and Art of Optimization that supports the optimal functioning of your Body-Mind.”

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

Energy medicine encompasses all concepts of energy: Light, Sound, Electromagnetism, Body, Mind and Spirit. Energy medicine recognizes that we are not just a body of flesh and blood, but we are also energy beings. Energy medicine shows us that the mind can influence the mechanisms that regulate health and consciousness of the individual.

Based on the principle of Chi, from the Taoist alchemy and Chinese medicine, with its cosmic and microcosmic cycles and flows through channels or meridians in the physical body.

It also has its principles in Hinduism as breath or Prana and multiple vortices of energy in the body – the chakras, especially the concepts of multiple bodies beyond the physiological body, conceived as layers in different systems, such as the etheric body, the astral body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual bodies.

Energy is the language of the body and quantum physics shows that the energy and information fields are the basis for health and wellness.

There are multiple modalities and practices within the Energy and Alternative Medicine that can be combined to complement traditional medicine.

The cure is related to cause and effect. To heal we must treat the cause and not the effect. In medicine the symptoms and effects are treated however in alternative medicine is the cause that is treated to achieve transformational results.



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