September 4, 2015


Elena Ramírez Rocamora – Administrative (Girona)

I have finally managed to quiet my monkey mind. I feel good, now I take things as they are, of course there are moments of everything, but … it is like i see problems from another perspective more relaxed. What I really cannot doubt is that surely again I will hire your services, many thanks again, Kanta.

Dimitar Cholakov – Coach (Denmark)

In 2014 I took part in an event in London where I had the great opportunity to meet Kanta Motwani, she inspired me to see that there was no need for me to search outside if i wanted to achieve happiness. And also that nobody could hurt me without my consent. I realized that the only limitations that existed were those that I created myself. I can only say that that magical coaching conversation with Kanta made a change in my life and i was never the same person again. As a result, today i have become a professional Relationships Coach. Kanta Motwani has been a great inspiration in my life. Today I am living every moment of life to the maximum. Thanks Kanta.

Rosa M. T. (Sevilla)

I have received therapy with Kanta Motwani, and my experience has been fantastic. I am still in the process of improving, although it seems that i have already transformed something in me, as I no longer feel the same. I am more quiet and my vision in some aspects has changed, I feel that I think more about myself and not as before. Thanks Kanta

Consuelo Ibañez – Nurse (Madrid)

I have hired Kanta Motwani for therapy sessions and mentorship.  All i can say is the emotional stress I was going through, has decreased and it is so rewarding, to the point of feeling fully reconciled. Today I feel a sense of openness and acceptance on regarding the relationship with my daughter which was very distant prior to having theray, now there is a change in attitude, so close to the benevolence and softness as we now share a relationship of love and friendship. I have also resolved physical pain issues with my hip so that i can now stay active and interact in the normal activities of life.

When Kanta talks you can experience her full presence, her dedication, interest, attention, which is selfless. She is there to support you and to help you find an optimum solution by looking at the possibilities around. Thank you for your generosity, warmth and for sharing your wisdom. Thanks for reminding us of the best of ourselves and to contribute to making the world a better place. You bear in your genetics the authenticity and wisdom of your ancestors. You are so qualified to teach and convey something that is needed. With all my affection and admiration. A big hug. God bless you.

Tamara García – Civil-Servant (Ceuta)

I had the opportunity to do therapy with Kanta Motwani, I was going through a very challenging emotional situation that had caused a lot of discomfort, to the extent that i couldn’t sleep, breath and living wasn’t easy. Just from the first session I felt such a sense of peace and tranquility that i didn’t have for years, all the sessions were very revealing for me to finally understand that there was a tremendous resistance in my subconscious, and that I was unable to take decisions that needed take. I can only say that, my life has taken a 180 degrees turn.  There are probably still things i need to learn but it is clear that as a result of the session… I opened up that part of my subconscious that was totally asleep, in just two months since the first session, I was able to put an end to a situation that it was really damaging. I started to look inward asking myself the necessary questions necessary and now I have started to live the life that I wanted to live …in short to be happy. I recommend her 100%

Juan Velasco – Chiropractor (Madrid)

Kanta, I want to thank you for the wonderful healing experience during the past weekend in Madrid. I am very grateful. Big Hug

Yolanda Mielgo San Martin (Lugo)

I have been dealing with cervical pain for a while,  and in spite of having being treated by an osteopath I was not improving, then I found Kanta Motwani and hired her services … when I spoke with her on the phone to arrange for a meeting things started getting better. I was left with a wonderful and peaceful sensation, I felt very grateful. The second time that I did coaching and therapy with Kanta it was with the intention to improve my feelings with regards to a finantial situation.  It was such a great success, a series of favorable “coincidences” happened after the meeting, I really recommend working with  Kanta Motwani, from the bottom of my heart.

Soni S. (Ceuta)

After doing therapy with Kanta Motwani, the pain that in the groin decreased considerably and I started to feel much better. The quality of life has improved.  It is amazing as I noticed the changes in my personality and how it has been noticed by my relatives and friends. I am now feeling confident, and able to express myself without fears and any sense of guilt. For me it has been a very positive change. Many thanks Kanta.

Nari M. – Business Owner (Madrid)

I spend many hours on the road driving, and for years I have suffered from lumbar pain which becomes unbearable after long hours seated. After doing therapy with Kanta Motwani, I could do 600 km almost non-stop and without remembering that i even had some sort of ailment. It was even more surprising for me to experience a remote/distance session, … i don’t know exactly what happened, but i was in bed for 3 days i lost my appetite, had fever and what most scared me was noticing some blood in the urine, i asked for help, and found almost 90 % relief, although after several sessions at a distance and for seven days the symptoms completely disappeared. I definetly recommend alternative therapies and surely working with her. Thank you very much Kanta.

Isabel Gonzalez. Teacher (Ceuta)

The first time i had an appointment with Kanta Motwani I was sufering from terrible acidity, I felt i had kind of a volcano in my stomach. That night I rested and slept so well, the next day I had a feeling of compassion and love that I had not ever felt. There was a big change in my attitude and in addition to that I started to improve the stomach. Since early April 2011 I have not returned to make sessions for the stomach, I am well. Later we started to treat emotional issues, in general I feel much better in all areas of my life. Thanks Kanta

Maitane Aramburu – International Business Development (Washington)

All the concepts of this workshop Transformando Vidas® have been of immense value, I would say that they have an unmesurable synergetic potential. Kanta taught me how to become aware of my essence in a very simple manner, so that everything flows effortlessly. Thank you so much, Kanta

Kunal Chabaldas – Business Entrepreneur (Ceuta)

What an energy and good vibrations. After participating in the Transformando Vidas® program, I now trust that everything is possible. After receiving mentorship with Kanta I feel more confident. Kanta helped me see things from another perspective. Thank you Kanta

Beatriz Martinez Tomey – Business Entrepreneur (San Sebastian)

Kanta, is an incredible communicator, an enthusiast, motivator, sophisticated and simultaneously direct,  like a surgeon of the soul, who is precise and efficient, because she knows where the pain is and knows what needs to be done to transmute it.  It has been a real privilege to have her so near, and to be able to learn and access her knowledge which comes from the greatest teachers, and also from the wisdom of her own Soul, of her hardships, and that i can feel, in certain way, that she has lived to understand the deepest wounds that an individual can experience and that today she i sable to support with her precious and valuable knowledge.  Thank you Kanta.  

Belen Barturen (San Sebastian)

I have participated in the “Transforming lives®” program and it has really been a very joyful and unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to receive coaching with Kanta Motwani and i was also able to experience an incredible feeling of gratitude, love and generosity, which was very welcoming after releasing beliefs and obstacles which were limiting and were preventing me from moving forward in life.

I can confirm, that Kanta Motwani is an extraordinary woman who knows how to connect with her public in such an effective manner. From her personal experience, her wealth of human values and the strategies that she used to connect with the audience, made me feel whole, complete, happy and with a lot of positive energy. It is an experience that is worth living, share it with your friends, family and even would repeat it again. Thanks Kanta.-


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