Nari M. – Business Owner (Madrid)

I spend many hours on the road driving, and for years I have suffered from lumbar pain which becomes unbearable after long hours seated. After doing therapy with Kanta Motwani, I could do 600 km almost non-stop and without remembering that i even had some sort of ailment. It was even more surprising for me to experience a remote/distance session, … i don’t know exactly what happened, but i was in bed for 3 days i lost my appetite, had fever and what most scared me was noticing some blood in the urine, i asked for help, and found almost 90 % relief, although after several sessions at a distance and for seven days the symptoms completely disappeared. I definetly recommend alternative therapies and surely working with her. Thank you very much Kanta.

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Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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