Improve your Self-esteem and Self-awareness for Success


“Self-esteem and Self-awareness are the Key ingredients for the recipe to your Success”

We are responsible for our individual lives.  We all have been granted “free will”.  What we do with our lives is entirely up to us, we have the choice to live in fear and misery or choose to live from a place of love, excitement, and live our lives as an adventure.  

Our basic need in life is to feel good about ourselves, mentally physically and emotionally. This need is our ultimate motivation, for regardless of our immediate objective, everything we do is to achieve a sense of total well-being and for that we need to feel and be at peace with ourselves.  All our goals, hopes and aspirations are based on this fundamental need, and if we examine the ultimate motivation behind all needs, we find it is our universal need to feel good. Thus the true measure of success is the degree to which we actually do feel good about ourselves, despite material prosperity or prestige. 

 The Sadguna Heart Sadhana®  is a guided “Self-esteem Booster” that will help you stop that self-critic to start raising your Self-esteem and in the process you will learn to still your mind. You will release stress and start improving your quality of life.   Like the Enlightened Sages of ancient India have shared through their inner knowing and wisdom, stilling your mind and raising your Self-esteem will give you access to your innermost and powerful Self.  Feeling abundant yourself is what fuels every area of your life with Gratitude, Positive energy, Freedom, Joy and Success.

Start acknowledging the essence of who you are, “Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram” “The Goodness Within” are eternal aspects of your Divine Self, which due to past circumstances, and limiting beliefs you are not acknowledging because you have engaged into practising unsupportive thoughts, negative visual imagery, negative beliefs, negative environments and surrounded yourself with unsupportive people which now prevents you from fully living your true potential.  Throughout my journey of Self-discovery,  I became aware that no matter how many modalities of healing I access to release any past traumatic situations, there were two Key ingredients that were essential to create change.  These are your Self-esteem and Self-awareness. It is a must to have an understanding of the Self, of who you are in order to create any improvements in your self-esteem

It is axiomatic that if you are working on changing your beliefs and raising your awareness,  to take your life to a next level you have to grow your Self-esteem, Love yourself, accept who you are and allow yourself to be fully you.  You cannot wait until you loose those 10 pounds, until you see yourself attractive, until someone gives you the approval that you are seeking, or until someone appreaciates you or tells you how wonderful you are.  You have to start from now and by yourself!. 

Through this Sadguna Heart Sadhana® programme you are going to start changing your beliefs and understand the why´s behind your circumstances and how you can change them to start awakening that Inner Power that was given to you from the very moment of your existence.  Sadgunas are “Virtues” or “Good Qualities” in Sanskrit, you are going to become aware of your Sadgunas and release the “Avagunas” or “patterns which do not serve your purpose“, like limiting beliefs about yourself, toxic thinking, self-criticism, blaming, complaining about yourself and others.

You are going to focus on the electromagnetic field of your heart and simply let go of any resistence during the guided Sadhana and allow yourself to fully enjoy and clear out the clouds from your Path to start fully expressing that amazing being that you are.

The reason why you are practising this guided Sadhana during 90 Days, is because Scientific studies show us that any habit practised during 90 days will change old beliefs to integrate new ones creating new neuropathways with new beliefs. Practice and repetition are the key to learning and so your mind will start acknowledging the new beliefs with the work that you will be doing and practising after the Sadhana as it is explained in the Manual and Instructions Audio track.

The Sadguna Heart Sadhana® is provided with an Instructions Manual, Two audio Tracks, and a 90 Days Printable Journal.   Give  yourself the gift of joy that you deserve and start from now.

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