Join us in the Gratitude rampage week, from 12th – 19th September!

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Have you ever thought of the benefits that practising Gratitude can provides us? Let me tell you the benefits are endless…..

Gratitude, was part of my family culture, inspite of all the challenges that my family and myself had to face during many years, something that we never missed was Gratitud.  Mi mothers most typical phrases under any circumstances have always been  “thank you God”… o just simply “let´s be grateful” even during times of great adversity or happiness, these are the phrases that she most repeats throughout the day.

I must admit, that during my childhood this attitude of my mom, could be a little irritative for me, as I wasn´t that aware and didn´t have the understanding that I have today, for which i am immensely grateful. 

As I started practising gratitude as a discipline, I took the time to notice and to reflect everything, and every experience for which I am grateful in my gratitude journal.  As a result, my emotional state changed completely, and even my immune system started responding positively. I felt alive, without needing a reason to be happy.  Today i continue journaling in my gratitude notebook as soon as i am up, and when I am about to turn in, and I continue multiplying great results in every area of my life.  

Gratitude is not meant only for special days, of course you can express your gratitude for an award that you receive, or while you are watching the sunrise, or while enjoying a rich taste cake, or simply because you are!.  

Today science shows us, that expressing gratitud moments, incrementd our wellbeing, and brings satifsfaction to our lives. Remember that when you offer you gratitude, your vibrational frequency changes, you feel more compassion towards others, you are more caring, sleep better, you feel good about yourself, you start seeing possibilities during times of adversity, you become more optimist, your self-esteem increases, you start attracting and manifesting good things and your positive energy becomes contagious.

Initially you may find it hard to follow and keep constancy, and that´s why i want to contribute to your well being, I would like you to join me in my Gratitude Rampage Week  from  12 – 19 September 2016 to express your gratitude on my wall in Facebook this will help you take the first step, until it becomes your second nature. 

Remember every time you take a step towards transforming your life, the world changes. 

What are you waiting for? Come and Join me 🙂

Much Love, to your Freedom and Success.

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FREE Download Chapter 

"Owning your Power" 

Best Seller

The Soul of Success 

Kanta Motwani, co-authored with Jack Canfield

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