September 10, 2015

Cookies Policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the computer / smartphone / tablet user to access certain web pages to store and retrieve information about navigation that is made from such equipment.

Technically, cookies are arbitrary pieces of data defined by the web server and sent to the browser. The browser returns to the server unchanged, reflecting a state (memory of past events) in HTTP transactions that otherwise would be independent of the state.

Without cookies, each request for a web page or a component of a web page would be an isolated event, unrelated to the rest of requests from other pages on the same site. But returning a cookie to the Web server, the server browser provides a means to link the application of the current page with requests from previous pages. Besides being defined by a web server, cookies can also be defined by a script in a language such as JavaScript if it is supported and enabled on the web browser.

Cookies specifications suggest that browsers must support a minimum number of cookies or a minimum amount of memory to store them.  Specifically, it is expected that a browser is capable of storing at least 300 cookies of 4 kilobytes each, and at least 20 cookies per server or domain.

The server that sets the cookie can specify a deletion date, in which case the cookie will be removed on that date. A shopping site might want to help potential customers remembering the things he had in his shopping cart, even if they close the browser without making the purchase and return later to avoid having to search for new products. In that case, the server would create a cookie deletion date according to the desire of the designer’s website. If a date of erasure is not set, the cookie is deleted when the user closes their browser. Therefore, set a deletion date is a way of making the cookie survive across sessions. 

To learn more about cookies, we suggest that you can access the following link:


In this web site the cookies used are the following: 

– Cookies __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz:  These are the Cookies that are used by Google Analytics service marks of Google Inc. The use of these cookies allows us to see where a visitor comes from, how long it stays on our website, the pages you visit, etc. It is a tracking cookie .


The Information obtained through these cookies, based on the user’s computer, can be combined with personal data only if you are registered on this site. The user may at any time choose to enable or disable which cookies they want to be operating in this web site:

The browser settings; for instance:

SAFARI, from
OPERA, from

The opt-out specific cookie systems (these systems can lead to install on your computer a cookie “rejection” to work off their choice); or other third-party tools available online, allowing users to detect cookies on every Web site you visit and manage its deactivation (eg Ghostery:, http: / /


It is possible that we may update the Cookies Policy in our Web Site,  therefore we strongly recommend you to check the Cookies Policy in our Web Site every time you access it, to make sure you are fully informed about why and how we use Cookies.  

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